Our faculty is highly qualified and certified, with more than 200 years combined teaching experience. Three instructors have master’s degrees and others are in the process of obtaining their master’s degree. Faculty members are committed to helping students take full advantage of their opportunities and tailor their instruction techniques to a variety of learning styles.


Here’s what our teachers have to say:

  • “Students who arrive here only hoping to get their high school diplomas walk away with an incredible sense of achievement and the understanding that they are capable of doing so much more in their lives.”
  • “I am committed to helping these students take full advantage of their opportunities. I try to encourage them to think positively and to realize that success is possible if they apply themselves.”
  • “The success on their faces at graduation is what really makes it all worthwhile. I feel lucky to be a part of it.”

Faculty Contact List

Stewart B. Jesse — Director                            sjesse@glasscityacademy.org

Julie Walton–Asst to the Treasurer             jwalton@glasscityacademy.org

Rachel Kurek — Asst. Director                       rkurek@glasscityacademy.org

Kurtis Tucker — School Counselor                ktucker@glasscityacademy.org

Lisa Ellis — Career Counselor                        lellis@glasscityacademy.org

Tori Perez — EMIS Coordinator                    tperez@glasscityacademy.org

Kerry Sebring — Receptionist/Secretary     ksebring@glasscityacademy.org

Jordan Marks — Attendance                          jmarks@glasscityacademy.org


Brian Ahrns — Social Studies                         bahrns@glasscityacademy.org

Karen Burris — Science                                   kburris@glasscityacademy.org

Crystal Easter — Language Arts                     ceaster@glasscityacademy.org

Jennifer Globig –Mathematics                     jglobig@glasscityacademy.org

James Hall  — Mathematics                           jhall@glasscityacademy.org

Chelsea Lee — Special Ed.                              clee@glasscityacademy.org

Cheryl McIntyre — Special Ed.                      cmcintyre@glasscityacademy.org

Tessa Parks–Art                                               tparks@glasscityacademy.org

Benjamin Wright– Science                            bwright@glasscityacademy.org