As a dropout prevention and recovery school established in 2003, Glass City Academy has given great attention to designing a curriculum that meets State of Ohio requirements as well as offering challenging classes for all students. Students, parents, and guardians work with the school’s director and counselor to design a personal graduation plan that includes accomplishments and credits already received.

While accepting all applicants ages 16-21, Glass City Academy is designed to accommodate the needs of young adults who have been unsuccessful in the traditional high school setting. These students are recognized by the State of Ohio as highly at risk of not completing high school. Glass City Academy’s mission focuses on successful completion for its students and has always received a passing grade of “Meets Requirements” on the State of Ohio School Report Card.

The school is situated on two spacious campus’ one  on Monroe Street in Downtown Toledo, and one of Idaho Street in East Toledo. Large classrooms equipped with state of the art technology offer students opportunities to learn numerous skills demanded in the workplace.

Glass City Academy currently meets and exceeds the State of Ohio averages for proficient, accelerated, and advanced levels for the Ohio State Tests in five of the seven subject areas.

In 2018 Glass City Academy became the only local high school partnered with the Toledo Zoo to perform terracycling.

In 2012 Glass City Academy received a School Wide National Jefferson Award Bronze Medal for our students’ service to their local community.

In 2008, Glass City Academy received the Community Builder Award from United Way for helping to build a stronger, more caring community.

In 2007 Glass City Academy was recognized with the Lucas County Delta Project Award.

Glass City Academy Five-Year Strategic Plan

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Sponsor’s Legal Compliance Assessment

To View Charter School Specialists’ Annual Evaluation of Glass City Academy, please click here.

Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 3314.03(D)(2) specifies that the sponsor of the school must “monitor and evaluate the academic and fiscal performance and the organization and operation of the community school on at least an annual basis.” In addition, under ORC 3314.03(D)(3), the sponsor must “report on an annual basis the results of the evaluation conducted under division (D)(2) of this section to the department of education and to the parents of students enrolled in the community school.”

Glass City Academy’s Governing Board, School Year 2021-2022

Darlene M. Burke, President

Jerry Masters, Vice President

Joe Guziolek

Lynne Jacobson

Fred Porter

Notice of Public Meetings

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Custodian of Public Records

As the Governing Board’s Designee, the Superintendent, Mr. Stewart Jesse, is the Custodian of all Public Records.  For Public Records Requests, he can be contacted at sjesse@glasscityacademy.org, or 419-720-6313.