District Profile

Glass City Academy is a Public Non-Profit Community Drop-Out Prevention and Recovery High School operating in downtown Toledo, Ohio.  We serve students ages 15-21 who wish to complete their high school diploma.  We offer a Tier I Diploma, equivalent to any high school diploma from any other high school state-wide.


Some Facts about Glass City Academy (GCA):

GCA has passed its state school report card every single year since its beginning in 2003

GCA graduates more students per year than several local traditional and private high schools


Annual Report

To see the Annual Report for Glass City Academy 2018, please click this link.

To see the 2019 Annual Report, please click this link.


GCA’s Sponsor’s Report for 2018-2019 is here.

The Sponsor Report for 2019-2020 is here.


The Charter School Specialists Annual Report for 2019-2020 is here.